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Fred, our shield sunglasses with the continuous lens and his casual retro look, is the flavour of the month right now!
Thanks to the unisex design, Fred is this season's it-piece for both trendy girls and cool boys!

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Hi, I'm Fred! 

From my point of view, I am the secret star of the POP EYES sunglasses collection! Because of my single-shield design – i.e. one single continuous lens – and because of my retro look, I am pretty hip.

My single lens not only looks pretty cool, it also offers you an extra large field of vision. Furthermore, it covers your eyes completely, which means they are well protected from the sun. My frame comes in elegant, matt black and is combined with a black tinted, continuous polycarbonate glass with an anti-reflective coating. You enjoy particularly high wearing comfort thanks to my rubberized nose pads.


Conclusion: With my unisex design, I am the it-piece of this season for both trendy girls and cool boys!

 Buy now or cry later!We have summarized the key features of our sunglasses Fred for you:

  • shield sunglasses with a retro look
  • extra large field of vision
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • matt black frame
  • black tinted lens (made of shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate)
  • rubberized nose pads
  • UV protection
  • Made in Italy
  • including storage bag
  • for stylish women and men



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