We can't wait for winter!
Luckily, our goggle collection for winter 2020/21 is now available in our online shop. 

Check it out and choose your favourite model!

PS:  Our super-cool sunglasses are availeable here:



Choose Bob, our ski goggles with an interchangeable magnetic lens, and you are well prepared for any weather! The darker shield can be pulled off or fixed again with just one hand. All very easy!
For all girls & boys who are looking for just one pair of ski goggles for all visibility conditions: Bob is just right for you!

119.00 EUR


Greg impresses with its super-large spherical lens and the extravagant, frameless design. For you, that means maximum visibility.
Greg is the perfect all mountain goggle for all boys and girls who love big ski goggles.

99.00 EUR


Our lovely Betty stands out from the crowd! The angular design of the frame, combined with a goggle strap in pop art design, makes these goggles an absolute eye-catcher. And because we can't get enough of these cool goggles, Betty is available in two designs. Which one do you choose?

Available in various variants

99.00 EUR


Larry is really great: with these almost frameless, large ski goggles, you won't loose sight of things! The strap is available in three cool design versions: in real-mountain design or as graphic variants in turquoise-red or turquoise-pink!

Available in various variants

89.00 EUR


Joe offers you top quality at a great price. Joe is available in two versions: in timeless all-black with a black mirrored lens or in real mountain design with a blue mirrored lens. So guys: order now!

Available in various variants

79.00 EUR


Emma – perfect for all girls who are looking for ski goggles at a super-attractive and who don't want to miss top quality or cool design! And because we love Emma, ​​she is available not just once, but twice: in all-white with a turquoise-blue mirrored lens or with a 3D-patterned strap in gray-pink and a black-mirrored lens.

Available in various variants

79.00 EUR